March 27, 2013

Getting Free

My son sometimes pressures me to buy him something because he saw it on TV or a friend has it. Advertising manipulates us all the time; “Buy this product, or you’re stupid!” or “You’d be a fool not to take advantage of this sale!” Have you ever stood there while somebody offered you a little piece of food on a toothpick? You really didn’t like it, but you bought it anyway?
That’s called the fear of rejection. It not only allows others to manipulate us; it causes us hurt in many other ways. The fear of rejection pressures us to conform to peer pressure. We tend to walk like other people, talk like other people, act like other people, dress like other people. Why?
We don’t want to be rejected.
It keeps us from speaking the truth. Why do people lie? Why do people shade the truth? Because they’re afraid if they tell the truth, you won’t accept them.
Whom would you say you’re trying to please on a daily basis? Your co-workers? Spouse? Friends?
How do you overcome the fear of rejection? Get free! You need a new perspective!
Put the opinions of others in a proper place. In other words, don’t overvalue what they say. You have to decide whom you’re trying to impress. 
The way to overcome the fear of rejection is to live your life not trying to please everyone.
Easter is happening this weekend. Jesus did not seek the approval of religious leaders and he was willing to die to show it was not necessary. To me, Easter represents a fresh start! New Life, 2nd chances! 
Perhaps you need a fresh start? Perhaps freedom from the fear of rejection, freedom from trying to please others.
How much more of your potential do you think you could reach if you stopped seeking the approval of others? Get free!


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D.M. SOLIS said...

I have a song about this I used to sing to my students to teach about social justice, about how infomercials sell us perfect souls in flawless lives...and we're so wise we interact with nuclear we tithe at shopping malls and ignore the suffering ego tomorrow's just within our grasp and our children are the, what do we do? Think fast!

Thanks for posting. I like the many ways you help us to think. Peace.