August 22, 2013

The Window of Opportunity

When you look out a window, what do you see? Obviously that depends on what is out there, right? Can you see beyond that? Not just what is out there but even more so, what could be out there? 
I would say I am a optimistic realist. I see the glass not as half full or half empty but for what it really is and the possibility of what it can become. At least that is what I want. That's not easy, especially if, like me, you have seen plenty of failures,  but...
To live like Jesus, you have to live with possibility.
This is the faith factor of living: You see the possibilities in life because you have faith. The scripture reads, “Everything is possible for one who believes” (NIV).
I believe that we should be the most innovative and creative people on the planet because all things are possible. When you have faith, it expands your horizon. You can be much more creative and innovative.
When you have unbelief, it limits your life and even the lives of others to some degree.
The more you trust God, build relationships and trust with people in your life, the more limitless your possibilities become for your family, your career and for your life!
Don't be afraid to dream big dreams and pursue those dreams with passion. Everyday there are new windows of opportunity. Can you see them?
Things to ponder,
In what area or areas of our lives are we limited by our unbelief?
What needs changing in our lives?   

 What are we waiting for?


Anonymous said...

So true and if you cant see directly above and below that window you may be missing so many other thing other then what is right infront of your eyes :)

Dale Dillon Lips said...

I like your comment about building trust -- building a relationship by depositing to the Emotional Bank Account a la Stephen Covey.